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"If I can create just one track that stays in your heart and makes you feel better... that's worth more to me than just releasing a ton of catchy songs."


HuBee is a professional record producer and DJ. His roots and inspirations as an artist lie in the mid-'90s, which is why he describes himself as a true member of the Love Parade generation.

He draws from his travels around the world, as well as from family in the United States and Germany. HuBee has taken his broad life experience and transformed it into music. Several years ago he took a leap of faith from the corporate juggernaut to find himself in a new creative space: original electronic vibes, incorporated with his second passion, design.

As an independent artist with a fresh point of view, HuBee started from scratch and delivers us unique sounds and energetic music.

His live sets are explosive mixture of new house sounds combined with surprising mashups. On stage, he's known for sets full of energy and intense interactions with the crowd.

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