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25 apr

Date: JUL 23 2021

Next bomb is just released!

The latest cut from me following other singles released across and beyond Europe. Roxette’s legendary tune from the ‘90s has acquired a new dimension. A clear tribute and modern update from the borderline of deep/dance house. Energy and freshness combine with my passion for interpreting classic pop from the best artists, to give you “Fading Like a Flower” anew!

Date: MAY 28 2021

My first track is out!

The lock-down period was the time of intense work on my first professional production. Finally there is - Our Own Way - ENJOY!

27 jul

25 apr

Date: APR 25 2021

Brand new beats are coming!

A new moniker that will show a more danceable side of me with a combination of really powerful tracks it's a plan for the next couple of months. Sounds interesting? Stay tuned!

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